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These Photographs are collected from my life; they are my world, my family, my home, the woods behind my house and the world beyond. They are part of a larger body of work that I have been working on for the past 25 years titled  Are We There Yet?


This chapter, titled Together in a Sudden Strangeness gets it title comes from a from a Pablo Neruda poem,  Keeping Quiet. It is a poem where Neruda imagines if the world went quiet for a second, where wars stopped, workers stopped working, whales stopped being slaughtered, and we all were “together in a sudden strangeness.”


This work was made when great shifts were happening in my life, my mother was slowly dying from dementia, my youngest child was preparing to leave home and my father was growing more vulnerable and dependent. It was a time without answers , where waiting  and living in wonder of what was around me was the only show in town. In 2016 I self published the book Together in a Sudden Strangeness. 

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