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I spent most of 2022 here in Mexico. It has been a year of change and a year of saying yes. I rarely look
at the news beyond headlines and there are mornings, not all, where I wake up and realize what I am
feeling is perhaps “happiness”. My life is not perfect I still have feeling of loneliness and self doubt. But
this past year I focused on relearning who I am on my terms. As a child, teachers and other adults often
told me in frustration that I would come around to see life their way when I got older. I tried but I just
didn’t. This is a year of shedding. Shedding ideas about life, how to live, how to think. Shedding that
which just didn’t sit with my soul. This collection of photographs, with humor, helped me see where I was
and that not knowing where I was going was also okay.

Control Burn is available as individual prints, a limited edition portfolio, and spiral bound book.

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